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hg 7289-4735

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Des hg 7289 – 4735.
Our artwork is an original example of textile designs in the North of England textile weaving industry.
This contemporary gouache artwork featuring a rouge coloured Ombre stripe ground with a vertical mock fretwork embroidery pattern in black was most likely to have been drawn up at H. Pratt based in the Ralli Building in Salford, Manchester, England in the 1970's.
We have examples of similar work from H.Pratt and the sketch number 4735 is compatible with the sequence of sketch numbers they used at this time.
The company was a prominent Jacquard woven fabric design house that supplied design services to weavers. Their ‘behind the scenes’ work was on behalf of weaving Mills around the World transforming selected artwork into technical weaves on point papers. The technical point papers were then read to make perforated loom punch card which the end clients Jacquard machine 'read' to create the pattern in fabric or carpet.

In an age before CAD, H. Pratt employed in house artists and jacquard design technicians. Their artists each had a specific hand/style and used traditional methods to paint scaled, in repeat drawings to the clients brief.
H. Pratt also sourced other art from selective free-lance artists. It is rare to see any of these creatives sign their work, a common practice in industry. We know the internal sketch/art was no 4735 but do not know who the artist name for this work was or if the pencil notes were theirs or most likely the weave technician who set out the dimensions and how the fabric was constructed. Some experienced technicians also created artwork!

What we do know that this original artwork was purchased by Herbert Green who were weavers in the West Yorkshire town of Silsden, which at the time was still the UK's hotbed of jacquard weaving factories.

There is a small amount of wear and tear and you will find technicians pencil lines marking the design repeat on the artwork.
Herbert Greens production number is listed -ref des 7289 at the foot of the artwork along with the sketch number 4735-4”.
The jacquard machine at Herbert Green at this time had 300 pattern hooks with a thread tie of 100 warp ends per inch and similar styles to this design wove with 30 weft picks per inch.

The landscape artwork external measurement is;
20” (51cm) wide x 14 ¼”" (36.5cm) high on a 320 gram card.

The internal art is mounted centrally and has internal measurements;
14"(35.5cm) wide x 10" (25.5cm) high

Richard M R Smith
April 2021