Jacqueline Taylor - WOMAN WITH WHIPPET

Jacqueline Taylor - WOMAN WITH WHIPPET

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Oil on Canvas
150cm x 80cm
By Jacqueline Taylor

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Jacqueline Taylor is from Manchester in the UK, where she still works and lives today. Taylor is an emerging artist whose main medium is oil paint. She is a painter who’s interested in realism. Taylor’s work is based around the everyday and leaves the observer of her paintings to decide the narrative of the scenes or people she depicts. She desires to make artwork that creates a feeling within and can be viewed many times over while feeling new each time it is observed. 

Jacqueline recently featured in Grayson’s Art Club 2020 and part of the exhibition at the Manchester Art gallery.

An example of this is in the painting Woman With Whippet (February 2020) where Taylor took a solitary subject and presented her in a room to be viewed, and for the spectator to catch a glimpse of what could be themselves in the mirror within the space. The reasoning behind why the woman is there, who is gazing at her and her emotional state can be reimagined many times over with a new narrative possible each time.