HG 6578 Green Ferns

HG 6578 Green Ferns

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Hg6578 Green Ferns
Our bright coloured gouache artwork was drawn up for Walbank and Parkin of Bradford, West Yorkshire, England in the 1970's. The company was a prominent Jacquard woven fabric design house that supplied design services to weavers around the World. They worked on behalf of weaving Mills around the World transforming selected artwork into technical weaves on point papers. The technical point papers were then read to make perforated loom punch card which the end clients Jacquard machine 'read' to create the pattern in fabric or carpet.

In an age before CAD Walbank and Parkin employed in house artists and jacquard design technicians. Their artists each had a specific hand/style and used traditional methods to paint scaled drawings to the clients brief. Walbank & Parkin also sourced other art from selective free lance artists. It is rare to see any of these creatives sign their work, a common practice in industry. The closest we can get to know who the artist was for this work is the company stamp on the back that registers this artwork as no. 14774

However, we do know that this original artwork was purchased by Herbert Green who were weavers in nearby Silsden, which at the time was still the UK's hotbed of jacquard weaving factories.
On the artwork which has a wear and tear fold crease you will find the technicians pencil lines marking the design repeat.
Herbert Greens production number is listed -ref des 6578 at the foot of the artwork along with the Jacquard machines thread settings.
The jacquard machine had a thread tie of 200 warp ends per inch and 38 weft picks per inch.

The artwork measurement is 14" wide x 18" high 180 grm paper. It is offset towards the top and mounted on a 16 1/2" wide x 23" high 250 grm surround which has the weave technicians hand written instructions.